Friday, November 30, 2012


Accountability is something we all deal with at some point. Right now, this is my struggle. I haven't posted in a while because I felt ashamed to post---my weight loss became minuscule because I fell off the eating bandwagon.

I'm sure many of us go through times where we're afraid to show ourselves to our supporters because we fell off the bandwagon. This is totally normal! My parents flew in from FL yesterday and we talked about it a little. It took me that conversation to realize I didn't want accountability for my actions by posting on here. Well, I'm DONE with that!

This week has been great---I've stayed motivated and on top of my game. Last night, my fiance and I went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant. The owner paid for our whole meal, but included with that was 2 shots of tequila each, guac (which I'm not a huge fan of), and a hearty meal. I allowed myself 1 shot (I don't like tequila much, but it was top shelf and I didn't want to insult), and gave the other 3 to my fiance, that poor thing!

I ordered steak tacos, and forgot to ask without cheese. I also got my beans and rice (my one true love). Now, our waitress mixed up our meals so that my tacos had guac, and my fiance's didn't. He had already eaten one of my tacos, and I'd only taken a few bites of his before realizing the mistake. We switched, so I was out one taco. Not too upset though. I scraped off most of the cheese, and ate it like that. It was amazing! It had grilled onions and peppers in it as well as tomatoes and lettuce. Delish! I was satisfied by the 1 taco though. I also gave half of my beans and rice to my man in order to cut calories as well.

Overall, I had a wonderful meal, and still lost weight this morning. I was concerned because I couldn't calculate calories, that I'd go overboard, but because I understand portion control I was able to keep in check.

I have recommitted myself to weight loss, and I'm excited! Part of the problem was that my fiance wasn't helping me meal plan for the week---he'd just eat "whatever" and he can afford to eat junk. But that doesn't help me. So by meal planning and allowing for certain treats, it's gotten a lot better already since our talk. To have a supportive partner is imperative when going through any type of journey, and I'm lucky to have that!

I was thinking about renaming my blog guys---"Foodie on a Diet". What do you think? I have such an appreciation for good food, and since I tend to post recipes/pictures, I feel as though it may be more appropriate.

Embrace change! Let me know what you think!

Have a great weekend, everyone.


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Settling In!

First off, Happy Halloween/ Samhain to my readers!  So, I'm finally settled into my new place. I just finished the cleaning of the old place yesterday, and that was quite the work out! It basically felt like I was doing squats for over an hour. But it's finally done, and I couldn't be happier to be done with that place.

Anyway, I'm absolutely LOVING the fact I can cook again! We still don't have a kitchen table, so we have to eat in front of the TV, but it's better than eating in a bed. What really matters is that I have a functioning oven and a Piggly Wiggly near by that has some great sales! $3 for 4 chicken boobies? Yes please!

I also now have enough space to work out. Now, I'm a big big dork. I play DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). When I was younger, I used to walk to my best friend's house, and we would play it together. I could play it for hours straight, that's how much I loved it. I actually lost a decent amount of weight between playing that and walking 2 miles to my friend's house. So a few years ago I got it for myself. Unfortunately, the places I have lived haven't been very spacious so I haven't played it. Well, today, that changed! I clocked in about 45 minutes playing---that's a lot of "dancing"! I ended up chugging a ton of water while playing, and I definitely got my sweat on. I know it sounds silly, but it's a fun way for me to exercise (which is where I'm the most lazy--I love healthy food, but hate exercising!). Girl needs her cardio though! My fiance's little one is going to be here this upcoming weekend (he's about to turn 6), and I figured it might be fun for him to try it too since he has a ton of energy (which he mostly gets from sugar!).

I talked with my fiance about the food we're keeping in the home, especially when his son is with us. His son is beyond picky and pretty much hates everything healthy. To keep myself free of crap food, I asked my fiance if we could refrain from keeping junk in the home. This may prove difficult when it comes to his son though. I'm not quite sure how to handle it! I can't overstep my fiance's parenting, and he doesn't have much authority because he only has his son every other weekend. Does anyone have this kind of dilema as well? I also don't want to waste food that neither of us will consume (like milk---we're lactarded!) just because his son wants it. Any suggestions for fun, healthier meals that I can get him on board with?

Also, this is my new favorite dressing. At 80 cals per serving, it packs an amazing amount of flavor. Ginger is also known for its many benefits, and I'm interested in trying this as a marinade! I found it in the veggie section at Target, but supposedly Walmart carries it as well. The dressing is very similar to the ginger dressing you get a Japanese restaurant, which I love to death. Speaking of Japanese food, tonight I'm going to be making teriyaki chicken bowls with brown rice! I am so happy to be cooking again! I'm also going to be making breakfast cups tonight. I will take pictures and post later! Basically it's just a strip of bacon pressed into a muffin tin with an egg/cheese mixture poured in. I'll be doing eggs  for my guy, and egg beaters for myself. I'm going to add a sprinkle of reduced-fat sharp cheddar and snipped chives for an extra kick! I'll calculate nutrition later tonight too---but it's carb free, and fairly low in calories so you can have a couple!

Catch you all later!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All moved in!

Hi! I apologize (AGAIN!) for the delay, but we're finally moved in. Just have a couple small things left to grab from the old place and cleaning, and we're DONE. I want my security deposit back, dammit!

Anyway, it felt SO amazing to do a real grocery shopping---but way more expensive than I'm used to. The grocery stores are a little different in my new area, so instead of a Pick N' Save, we have a Piggly Wiggly. I'm okay with this---we're also living in a very Hispanic area, so there's an amazing selection at the store of foods you wouldn't find at the other store. I also now live close to a Target (I missed living near it), which can also have some amazing sales. Both Walmart and Target near by offer a full grocery selection, so I'm excited to be able to utilize all three stores to do my shopping.

Anyway, I was able to buy so many healthy goodies. I got a giant tub of quick 1-minute Quaker oats and brown sugar so I can make a homemade version of my favorite oatmeal! I also got a ton of produce and frozen veggies which I haven't been able to have in forever due to the limited space I had. Tomorrow I'm planning on hooking up my DDR so I can "dance" for a while, and maybe find some online work out videos to do. I'm very excited!

One of the other perks of this new place is that my bedroom is now solely for sleeping. It's no longer my area of entertainment, eating, and whatever. At the end of the night, my fiance and I go to bed---Honestly I've been sleeping so much better already. It's wonderful! Not getting enough sleep, or GOOD sleep for that matter can affect your weight loss. When you feel well rested, your less inclined to reach for sugary foods and caffinated drinks for energy which can sabotage your hard work!

One thing I am super psyched for is the fact I can keep a gallon of drinking water (I can't afford a Brita filter yet) in my fridge. I bought a couple lemons and lime (10 cents!!!) to flavor it, which will aid with digestion/weight loss as well. Now I just need to get a table so I can take photos for you guys! This week my recipe attempt will be homemade chicken lo-mein!

I hope you all have a wonderful week---I'll get some more quick tips out of my journal for you soon!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Busy, busy, busy!

Hi all! I know, I know, I've been "lazy" about posting. I've been moving! Doing several trips a day, and the big day is Sunday <3 I'm beyond excited to live in a new home! I also have been doing "working" interviews at a place I'm hoping to get a job at: It's a little boutique a block from where I am now, and it should be interesting/fun if I get the job!

Anyway, as I promised, here are some of my quick tips, starting with:


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Studies have shown that people who skip breakfast tend to eat more calories later in the day to compensate. You also need a balanced breakfast in order to stay awake (instead of having 3 cups of coffee and crashing later) and have energy for the day. Here are some quick eats for breakfast!

-Apple "sandwiches": Slice apples into their rounds after coring---spread nut butter, add a little granola or dried fruit, and there you go! These are also great snacks.

-Breakfast burrito (quick and dirty way): Pre-cooked bacon (or leftover bacon), scrambled eggs or microwaved egg, cheese, placed in a tortilla and microwaved for 30 seconds.

-Banana pancakes: 1 ripe banana, 2 eggs or 1/2 cup egg beaters, vanilla extract, nutmeg/cinnamon. Mash bananas and mix with eggs until smooth. Makes about 4, 4" pancakes for grab and go!


-While watching your favorite show, like Dexter, do several short exercises (jumping jacks, push-ups, burpees, etc.), during commercials, or treat it like a "drinking" game where if something happens more than once, you exercise to it instead of drinking!

-DANCE. I have Dance Dance Revolution, and it can be quite the workout. Playing several songs can get you sweating and your heart rate going! If you don't have this game, don't worry---Make several short playlists of your favorite dance music and do it! I once danced out my anger for over an hour on my bed, and I felt so much better after!

-Sex! Sexual activity, even just kissing is shown to burn calories (about 68 per hour). You don't have to think about the calories burned while "involved", so to speak, because that would take away from the fun! But 1 hour of "vigorous" sexual activity can burn about 150 calories in a half hour!

-Fidgeting. I'll admit, I'm a fidgeter. I always shake/bounce my foot when sitting for long, or kick my legs if I'm laying on my stomach. It won't burn much, but a little extra always helps!

So there you go! Next time I'll offer lunch/snack ideas, and I have some good ones! In the mean time, I want to do a quick review. I know I bring up Trader Joe's a lot, but that's because I love it. I went there a couple days ago and in the sample area fell in love with a mustard. Now, I've always been a yellow mustard kind of a girl. I do like spicy mustards, but in small quantities. I LOATHE honey mustard. But this---this was different. It was magical. Even my mustard loving fiance thought this was the most amazing mustard he's ever had.

This mustard is sweet with a little kick, and only has 10 calories despite said sweetness. It seriously tastes great on everything.  I also purchased Applegate Naturals herb turkey breast. I am in love. It has so much incredible flavor, and the mustard complimented it perfectly. It's seasoned with pepper, parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. So you can see how much flavor this has!

The last thing I got was a box of pre-cooked potatoes for convenience. They don't offer cooking instructions---the box just says you can use them how you would any cooked potatoes. I want to have them with beef and carrots, ASAP.

Back to moving now! I should (hopefully) be done moving all the little stuff by tomorrow or Thursday. I am BEYOND excited to move into my new home <3 I hope you all have a lovely week!

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